Vintage T-shirt Values Price Guide



University of Florida Taz Looney Tunes Tank Top, Vintage 90s – $20

Mickey Mouse Disney Raglan Sweatshirt, Vintage 80s – $40

Snoopy World’s Greatest Father Artex T-shirt, Vintage 80s, Tri-Blend Rayon – $50

3rd Rock from the Sun T-shirt, Vintage 90s, NBC TV Sitcom – $28

Little Shop of Horrors Feed Me T-shirt, Vintage 80s, Cult Movie Classic – $65

The Blues Brothers Hegewisch Records T-Shirt, Vintage 80s, Chicago – $175

Minnie Mouse Best Actress T-shirt, Vintage 90s, Walt Disney Designs – $30

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World T-shirt, Vintage 90s, Magic Kingdom – $32

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