Vintage T-shirt Values Price Guide



JC Penney V-Neck T-Shirt, Soft & See-Thru Thin, Vintage 70s-80s – $35

Don’t Be Pushed Music Video TV PSA T-shirt, Vintage 80s – $24

Drama Comedy and Tragedy Masks T-shirt, Vintage 80s – $13.50

Munsingwear Blank White V-neck T-shirt, Vintage 80s – $25

Towncraft V-neck T-shirt, Vintage 80s, Soft and Thin – $35

Fruit of the Loom Burgundy Pocket T-shirt, Vintage 80s, Maroon – $25

Fruit of the Loom Blue Pocket T-Shirt, Vintage 80s – $25

Fruit of the Loom Green Pocket T-shirt, Vintage 60s-70s – $35

Next to Myself I Like BVD Best Pocket T-Shirt, Vintage 70s – $28

Smithsonian Institution Stars Map T-shirt, Vintage 80s-90s – $30

Chinese Tiger Crewneck Sweatshirt, Vintage 90s – $35

Hanes Raglan Blank Black Sweatshirt, Vintage 80s – $35


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