Vintage T-shirt Values Price Guide



New Squids on the Block T-Shirt, Funny “New Kids” NKOTB Spoof, Vintage 1990s – $35

Busch Gardens Tiger and Leopard Cubs T-shirt, Vintage 80s – $25

California Surfer Palm Trees T-shirt, Vintage 80s-90s, West Coast – $25

Atlanta Cityscape T-shirt, Vintage 90s, Georgia Peaches – $26

Texas Wolves T-shirt, Vintage 90s, San Segal Sportswear – $25

I Don’t Do Mornings Duck T-Shirt, Vintage 80s, Ft Lauderdale – $18

Williamsburg VA Cowboy Hats T-Shirt, Vintage 80s, Western – $24

Mickey Mouse Disney Raglan Sweatshirt, Vintage 80s – $40

Speedo Australia Sydney Opera House T-shirt, Vintage 90s – $22


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